Buy Minecraft Account [ Windows 10 Edition]
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    Region: Free

    Email: Original email

    Access to email: Yes

    Only for Windows 10

    5 $

    Most games is not currently eligible to appear in certain showcases on your Steam Profile, and does not contribute to global Achievement or game collector counts.
    • Minecraft Account Windows 10 Edition - ONLY FOR WINDOWS 10 !

      after purchase you get an account with the game Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

      NOTE: Please be advised that the worlds / save files from the Minecraft version for Java PC / Mac are incompatible with the Minecraft version for Windows 10!
    • 1. Log in to email (if mail is blocked then write your phone number and unlock it)
      2. Go to Windows Library and install it.
    • After payment, you will instantly receive Minecraft Account [ Windows 10 Edition].

      1. Click Minecraft Account [ Windows 10 Edition]
      2. Choose a payment method and click on the "pay" button
      3. Confirm and pay Minecraft Account [ Windows 10 Edition] after you receive the goods to your Email

      Note: if you paid for the goods using paypal, then check your paypal email.

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