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The cd key for this game will be sent to your e-mail as a scan of the original box.If you wish to purchase complete box with the manual ect. please contact us before placing order. All boxed items will be delivered to the shipping address which you provided upon registration.Please have a look at the delivery charges here

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24 hours

24 Hours delivery: This is the maximum time that Might and Magic Heroes VI will be delivered for.Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be completed.If we fail to deliver your Might and Magic Heroes VI in 24 hours your money will be refunded.

digital dl

Digital Downlaod: You have to register unique account on the producer's website or (use your existing one if you already have).Once you set up your account enter the downlaod manager and activate your Might and Magic Heroes VI with the key provided by G2Keys,then download your Might and Magic Heroes VI.


No EA (Origin): Might and Magic Heroes VI cannot be activated via EADM (EA downlaod manager , Origin) but only through the game integrated multiplayer.Please pay attention and make sure you understand bofore you purchase this item.

NO steam

No Steam: The key cannot be activated via Steam but only through the game integrated multiplayer.Please pay attention and make sure you understand bofore you purchase Might and Magic Heroes VI.For list of the games that can be activated on Steam please click Here

region free

Region free: The key / serial provided by G2Keys is not restricted to any region and can be activated from anywhere in the world.Have fun playing your Might and Magic Heroes VI and if you have any questions contact our support team to help you out.

retail key

Retail cd key: This key is ideal for people who purchased the original CD/DVD of Might and Magic Heroes VI but for soem reason their key has been banned / lost.How to activate ? Install the original CD/DVD and upon registration enter the key provided by G2Keys and you are good to go.Enjoy your Might and Magic Heroes VI.

scanned key

Scanned cd key: The cd key for Might and Magic Heroes VI which comes straight from the retail box will be sent to you as a photo-scan. This will prove your 100 % ownership of the Might and Magic Heroes VI.You will receive the key (attached to your Might and Magic Heroes VI order) after we receive clear payment.

About Might & Magic: Heroes VI:

  • The adventure in Might and Magic : Heroes VI, beginning four hundred years back from events in Heroes V, introduces a family of heroes into an epic storyline where Angels plan to finish once and for all time a war that was left unfinished with the so called "Faceless".A legendary Archangel General is told to have resurrected , but his powers are far weakened.
  • Poisoned by terrible memories of the long past Elder Wars, he plots to reclaim his power in order to take control over Ashan , in the meantime destroying Faceless and Demons in a sequence of subtly organized attacks and betrayals. However it happens that the Archangel General underestemates, the might of the Griffin line.The destiny of the Griffin heroes is to be decided by the players.


Key features in Might and Magic : Heroes 6 :

  • 1.Have fun with the new Heroes gameplay, remastered with the developer Black Hole, and cooperation with the game’s fan community.
  • 2.Try yourself the uniqueness of the Might and Magic: Heroes VI's world: Venture along extra-large size maps, obtain many resources and construct unusually great and powerful cities. Advance in your strategies and tactics to level-up your heroes progression, recruit armies & train them for combat on exclusive battle maps.
  • 3.Take your destiny in hands : Command the Heroes of the Griffin line through glorious scenarios. Choose your path, decide your actions, assume your choices and form your gaming experience with the help of a newly designed Reputation system.
  • 4.Dive into the fantasy Might & Magic World: Uncover long forgotten landscapes and beings from the universe of Ashan.
  • 5.Share: Post content and take advantage over other players , share experience with your friends using the new online community interface.

RAM 1GB XP,1.5GB Vista/Windows7 RAM 2GB XP,2GB Vista/Windows 7
CPU E4400 @ 2.0 Ghz, X2 5000+@2.6 Ghz CPU E6400@2.00, X2 240@2.8Ghz
OS Windows XP32/64 bit OS Windows 7 32/64 bit
DIRECT X DirectX 9.0c
LANGUAGES English   French   Italian   German   Spanish   Chinese   Korean   Japanese   Russian   Thai
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