g2keys February 9, 2019
Valve paid $ 20,000 for eliminating a bug on Steam

Thanks to the vulnerability, a hacker named Artem Moskovsky gained access to the entire library of games on Steam and could download absolutely any game for free

One of the hackers managed to find a breach in the protection of Steam and was able to get full access to all the games that are in the store.

The vulnerability was provided a Ukrainian named Artem Moskovsky. According to Kotaku, the hacker himself found the vulnerability and reported it to Valve in August, however, this story was only publicized now. For this, the company paid $ 20,000.

To circumvent the protection, Artem took advantage of the “special tools of the Steam developers.”

The company Valve reported that the public could not find such a bug. And this is good, because in one of his interviews Moskovsky talked about how he received 36,000 keys on Portal 2.