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The cd key for this game will be sent to your e-mail as a scan of the original box.If you wish to purchase complete box with the manual ect. please contact us before placing order. All boxed items will be delivered to the shipping address which you provided upon registration.Please have a look at the delivery charges here

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24 hours

24 Hours delivery: This is the maximum time that PES 2013 will be delivered for.Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be completed.If we fail to deliver your PES 2013 in 24 hours your money will be refunded.


No EA (Origin): PES 2013 cannot be activated via EADM (EA downlaod manager , Origin) but only through the game integrated multiplayer.Please pay attention and make sure you understand bofore you purchase this item.

NO steam

No Steam: The key cannot be activated via Steam but only through the game integrated multiplayer.Please pay attention and make sure you understand bofore you purchase PES 2013.For list of the games that can be activated on Steam please click Here

region free

Region free: The key / serial provided by G2Keys is not restricted to any region and can be activated from anywhere in the world.Have fun playing your PES 2013 and if you have any questions contact our support team to help you out.

retail key

Retail cd key: This key is ideal for people who purchased the original CD/DVD of PES 2013 but for soem reason their key has been banned / lost.How to activate ? Install the original CD/DVD and upon registration enter the key provided by G2Keys and you are good to go.Enjoy your PES 2013.

scanned key

Scanned cd key: The cd key for PES 2013 which comes straight from the retail box will be sent to you as a photo-scan. This will prove your 100 % ownership of the PES 2013.You will receive the key (attached to your PES 2013 order) after we receive clear payment.

  • All About PES 2013

  • No issue if you desire to play solely, easily train your abilities or contend with other players from all round the world through Online Play, PES 2013 boasts a broad array of game modes.
  • Performance Training
  • The teaching meetings are a well liked part of the PES sequence, and are crucial to mastering the new grade of total control. A sequence of walk-thru tour guides will alleviate the contestant into the intricacies of fast passes and manual firing, and furthermore permit them to perfect the command over lesser players by the advanced off-the-ball command, and the deft footwork of lobbing a goalkeeper.
  • Football Life
  • Introduced in PES 2012, Football Life is an sunshade period for the series’ well liked Master League, Become a Legend and Master League online sections.
  • Each has glimpsed a broad number of alterations and supplements, with modes to boost group presentation by making cash to add exceptional advisers to work on the team’s flaws, while moves are more open with coherent causes as to why discussions are stalling.
  • Players will desire reassurance on key components, and will regretful they are connecting a group with numerous players vying for their position. This carries into the Become a Legend mode, where the contestant is granted repsonse on how they require to advance to shatter into the squad.
  • Online
  • Master League Online will insert a new grading scheme called ‘Rival Ranking; which causes players at a alike grade, while the community edge of the game will be divide into 240 towns over the globe, and will display when localized players are online.
  • Leagues can be conceived, and notes and trials sent. The series’ myPES synchronisation with Facebook furthermore comes back, and will proceed into more detail. Match accounts covering overtake achievement rates, ownership, etc, will be comprehensive, as will each user’s peak scorers, sprints of outcomes and tallying patterns. These can then be dispatched on the user’s Facebook Wall for bragging rights.

VIDEO ATI 512 MB , Nvidia 512 MB VIDEO ATI 1 GB , Nvidia 1 GB
CPU Dual Core ,Core 2 Duo @ 2 Ghz CPU Core 2 Quad ,I7 @ 1.6 Ghz
OS Windows XP SP3 OS Windows Vista,Windows 7
DIRECT X DirectX 9c, 10, and 11
LANGUAGES English   French   Italian   German   Spanish
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